Julian Springer on western set with video camera. About Us, All Posts About Julian Springer Image Inventions: Founder Julian's journey began with academic pursuits. He started with the foundation of graphic design, which he studied at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. This is where he picked up a guitar and started writing and singing. Continue Reading About Us, All Posts, Answers Can I hire you even though you are not local? YES. You can hire us even if we live in a different country.Remember the last time you used a paper map? Has it been a while? Technology is advancing the way that we do things. Some of the limits that Continue Reading Social Media Pay Per Click Ads Examples of Our Pay Per Click Ads (PPC Ads) We have a broad range of clients and each of our clients has different needs. In the player below you will see some of the work that we have done to promote Continue Reading Social Media 1000 Subscribers It's nice to be acknowledged. Even if it is something that you have done by accident. We still enjoy the fact that we have reached 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. That means to us... that there are people out Continue Reading About Us Working with a Team It's great to work with a team on projects that you cannot do by yourself. When you take a step back and look at what was accomplished... this is one of the pleasures of film. In film school many people asked me Continue Reading Interesting Picking a Billionaire Brain Mark Cuban: Lessons From a Billionaire Entrepreneur  It is fascinating to hear from a Billionaire. Not many can speak from a billionaires perspective. Mark Cuban is very in touch with what he does and what he knows. As an entrepreneur, it Continue Reading Interesting Why CG Sucks Are computer generated visual effects cheesy? Should it be avoided in movies and corporate videos? The following video has some great answers to this question. Continue Reading About Us About Our Logo Our logo features a cog (gear) and a light bulb. The cog represents the gears turning in your head when you are thinking up a solution. The light bulb is what is often illustrated above your head when you have Continue Reading About Us Blue & Green: Image Inventions New Branding Blue & Green for Image Inventions New Branding A lot of work has been done recently as we developed our new website. We have reimagined, re-envisioned and reinvented our branding to represent who we are and what we represent. Our previous colours, Continue Reading
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