Image Inventions

Image Inventions Media Group is a video production company that is based in Calgary, Alberta. We identify and develop unique solutions that connect the dots for you and your business.

Video Production

Our award-winning team produces film & corporate videos. We blur the lines between the two of them to ensure that your business stands out from among your competitors.


Utilizing the power of video with the tactics of marketing  is how we are able to present tangible results. Contact us today if you would like more traffic through your doors.

We’ve Got Lots to Show You,


Here are 4 different Demo Reels that feature different aspects of the video production services that we provide for our clients.

We Show Our Work

We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our video production services

Video Production

Full Service

From concept to final delivery, our highly skilled team is ready to produce top-notch videos for your business. A few examples are listed below. Contact us for more.



Video Promo

Promotional Video Production

We are a video production company that actually uses videos to promote our services. If you want video production services that are creative, innovative, and inspires, there is no doubt, Image Inventions is the video production company for you.

Check out our Calgary Video Production promotional video.




Curated Selections

We have assembled a few samples of our work. We are more than happy to show off what we can do for you… without overwhelming you in the process. Please feel free to click on our portfolio. We would be more than happy to show you even more examples if needed.


Your Business Is Worth It!

We developed solutions for you.

Rank Videos on Google

Video Marketing

This new service is coming soon!

By targeting the exact customers that you are looking for, we utilize video campaigns on the two largest search engines.

 Videos can be used for many purposes, however, if you would like more clients or customers to actually find you online… video marketing is the solution for you.

YouTube Ranking

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.
Rather than getting lost in the forest of videos, we rank our videos for our clients on page one.

Google Ranking

There is no secret. YouTube is Google’s little search engine brother. A high ranking YouTube video will outrank even the best websites. We rank our videos for our clients on page one.



Connect Videos

Promotional Video

By leaning on our experience we manage the scope of each project. Rather than offering you the universe, we present to you, a professional video with a price tag that is simply unbeatable.

Simple set up

Social Distance Friendly

With a simple and small set up, we can film right in your office or even home. By moving a few desks and a few chairs this video production solution is great for keeping most of your day free. With a crew as small as 1 or 2 people, it’s super easy to social distance during the whole filming process.

One on One

Make a great first impression as you connect with your target market one-on-one. This is a cost-effective solution for your versatile or budget-minded strategies.


Show your work. Take your clients on-site for a walkthrough. Let them see the quality services or products that you have worked hard to provide. We have developed our Onsite Connect Video for efficiency and great ROI.

We’ve done our homework


Many of our clients want a return on investment that shows up in the bottom line. They want more clients through the door and more money in the bank.

 It’s a simple concept. They want their marketing efforts to truly pay off. Does that sound like you?

Our video marketing services have been designed to give you exactly what you want. We have done our homework.

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