Connect With Your Future Customers With With Videos That Actually Reduce Your Work Load and Increase Your ROI.

Cost Effective

Paying a premium for the best isn't always the only solution. We have developed systems that help us keep your costs down. You're welcome.


We have developed services that are designed to reflect your services in a pristine manner. Our videos look good and are designed to make you look good.

Fast Turnaround

So you want it done fast? Strike while the iron is hot. You have little time to mess around. Our hassle-free solutions will get the job done right on time for you.


Connect Video is the perfect balance of cost, quality and speed. We harness skill, experience and know-how to not only save you time and money but to make it for you as well.

One on One

Make a great first impression as you connect with your target market one on one.

This is a cost-effective solution for your versatile or budget-minded strategies.


Show your work. Take your clients on site for a walkthrough. Let them see the quality services or products that you have worked hard to provide. We have developed our Onsite Connect Video for efficiency and great ROI.


  • $1000
    Your First Connect Video
    Get off to a great start
    Brand Continuity Research
    Green Screen Filming
    Edited With Titles & Music
    Connect with us
  • $650
    Every Connect Video After That
    Continue The Momentum
    Green Screen Filming
    Edited With Titles & Music
    Connect with us
  • $250
    Option 1: Script Writing
    Engage Your Customers with a dynamic script.
    Professionally crafted
    Targeted Messaging
    Connect with us
  • $400
    Option 2: Talent
    Represent your company the right way
    Professional Actor
    Male or Female
    Appropriate Wardrobe
    Connect with us

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