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Logo Animation

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Logo Design

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Logo Animation & Design

Add the value to your logo that it deserves. Have it professionally animated as you promote your talent, idea, product or service.

Many businesses are creating videos to help themselves stand out from the crowd. The video that you make is often the first impression that you will give to your customer or client. That makes your logo your FIRST first impression. Having your logo revealed via animation is the perfect touch to take your video to the next level.

With expensive video cameras not being so expensive anymore, we have seen the rise of video production by people who do not have access to a motion graphics team. We will animate your logo so that you can put it in all of the videos that you have worked so hard to produce.

Sound Design

Sound Design

Nothing makes it pop like… the sound of a loud POP!

Adding this expertise to what we already do makes everything look so shiny . Sound design is often the unsung hero. It adds another layer of story to the story. It complements video production in such a way that makes it essential. When we produce any sort of animation, we are making something from nothing. This new something… needs sound to come to life. Our award winning sound design does the job… and does it very well.

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  2. We will review your notes and follow up with a phone call (North America) or an email
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  3. Once the scope of the project has been identified, you will be asked to proceed with a full payment for the services
  4. We will then complete the services that you have requested

These services have been designed to accommodate entrepreneurs that wish to keep their start up costs low. If we determine that your needs exceed the budget of these packages, we will let you know and then present a quote with the estimated cost of the services.

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